Welcome to the Jaramillo group! We are broadly interested in the synthesis, properties and applications of electronic materials. Our particular focus areas fall under the the control of sulfide and selenide semiconducting materials to enable energy conversion and information technologies, and to further fundemantal studies of solid state chemistry and physics.

The Jaramillo group hits the ski slopes, in September
Celebrating Jiahao's delayed arrival in Cambridge with an ice cream cake on a hot, hot day in July
Masked group picnic!
Socially distanced group picnic!
socially distanced research!
Celebrating Allan's PhD defense, with sulfur (yellow) and cadmium (black)
group dinner central square 2019
we are up in trees
the Jaramillo group get autumnal
meet the pikachus
nothing like pulled pork after a long hike
the Jaramillo group is 3,165 ft high
we're on a boat!
we took a boat to fly kites
down and dirty
good time plumbers