Welcome to the Jaramillo group! We are broadly interested in the synthesis, properties and applications of electronic materials. Our particular focus areas fall under the the control of chalcogenide semiconductors to enable energy and information technologies.

We hope to hire one or more graduate students in the fall of 2018. If you're an incoming MIT graduate student and you are interested in electronic materials, please contact me! Possible topics include 2D materials for microelectronics, ferroelectric matreials for photovoltaics and sensing, defect engineering for optical neuromorphic computing, and electro-optic characterization of photovoltaic device degradation.

We are always looking for excited undergraduate researchers through the UROP program. Interested MIT or Wellesley students should contact me directly.


complex chalcogenide epitaxy
this is what kilowatts of electron beam power dumped into 40 cc of refractory metal looks like
BaZrS3 by Noon!
we're on a boat!
we took a boat to fly kites
Luca with his chemicals
wrangling ebeam
down and dirty
good time plumbers