MRS Fall Meeting 2019 - EL04 tutorial presentations

Alongside Symposium EL04 at the 2019 Fall MRS Meeting, we hosted a tutorial "Introduction to Chalcogenide Discovery and Design" that featured a great lineup of speakers and presentation. Thanks to everyone who contributed and participated - we had a standing-room-only audience on a Sunday morning! Here is the lecture schedule and the available slides:

  • Lecture 1: "Density Functional Theory and electronic structure calculations", by Dr. Elif Ertekin
  • Lecture 2: "Bulk crystal growth and phase diagrams for metal chalcogenides", by Dr. Albert Davydov
  • Lecture 3: "High-throughput computation", by Dr. Prashun Gorai
  • Lecture 4: "Thin film characterization", by Dr. Akshay Singh
  • Lecture 5: "Tailor-made chalcogenide colloids: Tuning size, composition, and structure of nanomaterials", by Dr. Maksym Yarema