Deposition Rate Calculator

Deposition Rate Calculator

Created by Stephen A. Filippone, Jan. 2018. Please contact us if you'd like any particular elements or compounds added.

Convert from rate to flux for different materials. (f.u. == formula unit)

Material Rate (Å/sec)
Material Material Flux (f.u./cm^2 sec) Density (g/cc) Molecular Weight (g/mol)

Convert from flux to rate for different materials.

Material Flux (f.u./cm^2 sec)
#/cm^2 sec
Material Rate (Å/sec) Density (g/cc) Molecular Weight (g/mol)

Manually enter values to determine rates and fluxes

Density Molecular Weight Rate Flux
g/cm3 g/mol Å/sec #/cm^2 sec

Use for gas sources [Ref1]

sscm flux
sscm #/sec

Gas flux using the Langmuir equation

H2S rate = 3.54e20*P[torr] /(s*cm^2)

H2S torr

H2S flux:
(f.u./cm^2 sec)

H2Se = rate 2.29e20*P[torr]/(s*cm^2)

H2Se torr

H2Se flux:
(f.u./cm^2 sec)

Calculate stoichiometric rates for a fixed flux

Fixed Flux f.u./cm^2 sec

Material Stoichiometric ratio Rate (Å/sec) Density (g/cc) Molecular Weight (g/mol)


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