Our research sits in the big, fun space between materials science, solid state physics, and opto-electronic technologies. Our current projects fall into three categories:

1. Photoconductivity: Fundamental understanding, control through material processing, and utilization in device technology. Fundamental studies include point defect control, and new mathematical approaches to defect characterization. Applied studies include work on solar cells, resistive switches, and chemical sensors.

2. Layered and phase-change materials: Developing new materials processing methods and demonstrating new uses for layered chalcogenide materials; activities also include alloy design. Targeted topics include non-thermal switching (e.g. phase-change) functionality for integrated photonics, and large-area coatings for energy conversion and storage technologies.

3. Complex chalcognides and highly-polarizable semiconductors: Developing chalcogenide electronic materials in the perovskite and related complex, three-dimensional crystal structures. Emphasis is on thin film growth including molecular beam epitaxy, with related work on materials characterization. Applied topics are the development of highly-polarizable semiconductors with tunable band gap for solid state lighting and energy conversion. Fundamental topics are the systematic control of electron correlation and bandwidth in quantum materials with strongly-coupled electron and phonon degrees of freedom.